Grupin 2000, Ltd. is an Israeli importer of new and used cranes. The Company is the exclusive representative for cranes manufactured by Saez in Spain. All imports from Saez receive the certificate of TUV in Europe and the approval of the Israeli Standards Institute.

In recent years the company has imported dozens of new and used cranes for sale and rent for Israel's major construction companies. These cranes come from Saez, Potain, and Raimondi. Today Gropin is a leading importer of cranes to Israel, and has a large fleet of used cranes which it rents. The company has the facilities for servicing its own cranes as well as those owned by contractors throughout the country. Service is expedited by the fact that spare parts are available from local stock.

The combination of professional knowledge and years of experience enables us to carefully control and take full responsibility for the import of equipment which has met with the stringent demands of the Israeli Standards Institute

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